I have dedicated my life to the art and science of teaching and learning.

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I believe that learning involves much more than the simple transfer of knowledge from one individual to the next and it should never be limited to a particular setting or environment. Learning can take place anywhere and at any time, either subconsciously or consciously. I believe that we learn not only through formal lectures and one-way communication but also discussions that involve the exchanging and critiquing of ideas so as to help one another to learn more by providing additional information and perspectives.

Teaching Learning Process

My central focus has always been encompassed by my developmental teaching perspective, where the focus is placed on good learning rather than good teaching. I genuinely believe that learning does not have a beginning or an end, but is rather a continuous process that involves the development of ideas, morals, values, skills, personalities, knowledge and experiences over a lifetime.

The art (and science) of teaching itself involves the formation of a unique and deep bond between learner and teacher that is maintained through a delicate balance between personal and professional worlds.


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