This is the blog of a passionate Canadian educator, who is always looking for new and exciting ways to inspire the next generation of students to meaningfully create, build, and contribute to the future of our world.

As a business professor, I am proud to say that I have continued to pursue educational and professional development opportunities to further my own learning and growth. I always tell my students that we are all students of life, and the moment that we stop learning, is the same moment that we lose a large part of what makes life beautiful, spontaneous, and special.

This blog is part of my continuous learning journey. It is one key element of a Social Media and Analytics course I am enrolled in at Harvard University via Harvard Extension. I would like to recognize and thank my professors for their guidance and advice, as well as for their innovative approach to education.

To those educators that have come before me, I say thank you for all that you have done.

To those who educate the next generation today, I say thank you for your dedication to improving the individual and collective intelligence of society.

And to those who will become educators, remember that the best gift that you can give to your students is yourself.


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